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The Relevance of the Debating Protocol for Economics?

The following is an article on the Universal Debating Project which like Serious Games could have relevance to many subjects including Economics. The source of the following is from the P2P Foundation.


Project proposed by Robert Searle:

"The Universal Debating Project is an extremely ambitious proposal for an on-going programme in which "all", or most arguments for, or against any topic of human knowledge, or information could be presented in a clear form. In other words, an on-line "encyclopedia" for pros, and cons in any debate which could be continually up-dated on the internet. It would adopt the p2p approach, and hence, be an Open Source of data emanating from laymen, experts, ngos, scholarly papers, popular articles, documentaries, et al.
Obviously, Wikipedia articles do present arguments for, and against particular subjects. But how "complete," and how unbiased are they? Moreover, they deal mainly with major arguments, and "minor" arguments maybe excluded at times. In effect, what is needed is the most objective presentation of "all" possible pros, and cons on most, if not "all" kinds of human knowledge, and "controversy". The Universal Debating Project should be publicly seen as being a highly reliable, and a credible central global source of such data.


The Problem of Complexity

As the world becomes increasingly complex it becomes more, and more vital to....
a) ...reduce most, if not "all" information into clear, and manageable levels of data...ideally using the least number of words..
b) ...reduce "all" arguments for, and against in a lucid manner....again ideally using the least number of words...
Apart from Wikipedia mentioned earlier there are ofcourse on the internet any number of forums, and discussion groups.These are fine as far as they go. But as said before how complete are their arguments for, and against a certain topic? This is where the Universal Debating Project becomes all-important.

Basic Systemization of Presentation on the Universal Debating Project

The presentation of data on various subjects should be simple. It could be like "Pros, and Cons, a Debaters Handbook" edited by Trevor Sather which went through a number of editions since 1896. Here, two columns are presented, one of which is for pro arguments, and the other for con arguments. Each entry is numbered, and should be lucid, and precise .....ideally once again using the least number of words possible to present a case.
If the Universal Debating Project were ever set up its initial concern would be with major issues notably social matters, politics, and cllimate change.Also, it should be added that it is as yet unclear how such a proposal could be funded. It could use the Wikipedia model, or maybe not.

More Information

Links. A book by the parapsychologist Robert Thouless, and one in which he gave a "simplistic" presentation of the different forms of argument.
This link below deals with rationality, and it too could be reduced to a pro, and con presentation so that an informed decision-making process could be undertaken by the individual..
The link below deals with "non-entertainment" games that have serious educational value, and could in certain situations even affect socio-economic change. Ofcourse, a pro, and con project such as the above could be presented in an attractive, and stimulating manner. In other words, a serious game, and probably something like this already exists.

Since the above "article" was put on the p2pfoundation listing a very similiar project exists to it..However, I was not suprised admitedly as it is an excellent concept which deserves to be considered seriously.
Also, some intersting info can be found on the discussion section of this page/subject entry.

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