Friday, 21 February 2014

Occupy Money

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We can create a money system that is the ally, and not the enemy, of all that is precious in the world. We can make money into something we can truly embrace as ours. That, I think, is the heart of the call to occupy money. These are hands-on solutions that are available to every citizen, without having to wait for those in power to make changes from above. --- from the Foreword by Charles Eisenstein

Inflation and compound interest have caused our monetary system to balloon to the point where bailing out banks, large corporations, and even entire countries will not prevent a complete breakdown of the global economy – unless we make some fundamental changes. It’s time for a grassroots movement to knock conventional money off its pedestal and replace it with a fresh paradigm that puts people before profits.

Occupy Money makes the case for a stable and sustainable monetary system that reflects real wealth instead of the smoke and mirrors of speculative profit. This hopeful vision can be realized through such creative initiatives as:
• Eliminating interest through interest-free loans and “demurrage”, which rewards currency circulation
• Re-localizing economies through regional currencies
• Establishing time banks and complementary currencies geared to specific services such as health and education.

For many years financial insiders have hidden economic truths by describing them in arcane terms that no layperson can understand. Occupy Money cuts through the confusion and clearly and succinctly explains how, rather than favoring the 1% at the expense of the 99%, we can restructure our monetary system to meet the needs of us all. In so doing, this revolutionary manifesto issues a challenge to the very foundations of conventional economic doctrine.

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