Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Rodney Shakespeare

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I (the Blogger) used to know Rodney Shakespeare as I used to see him with Canon Peter Challen at the meetings of the Global Justice Movement, in London. However, I am disappointed by the direction of travel he has undertaken in life since he appeared on certain media outlets notably Press TV.

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About Rodney Shakespeare[edit]

Rodney's first book on binary economics (The Two-factor Nation) was published in 1976. Rodney is co-author of the standard textbook on binary economics ─ Binary Economics – the new paradigm (University Press of America, 1999). He is also co-author of the subsequent text ─ Seven Steps to Justice (New European Publications, 2003) ─ which furthers develops binary economics; and author of The Modern Universal Paradigm, containing later developments, being published in 2007 by Trisakti University, Jakarta.
Trisakti University (where Rodney is Visiting Professor of Binary Economics teaching on the international postgraduate Islamic Economics and Finance program) is the largest private university in Indonesia, the second overall in prestige, and the birthplace of the Indonesian reformasi revolution. Rodney has also been offered, and has accepted, a Professorship at a large private university in another country. He is a Cambridge MA, a qualified UK Barrister,and a well-known paper presenter and lecturer particularly at Islamic conferences dealing with money, the real economy, binary economics, and social and economic justice. In these fields, the leading Islamic academic is Professor Masudul Alam Choudhury with whom Rodney is at present co-operating on a major work ─ The Universal Paradigm and the Islamic World-system (to be published in 2007) ─ which is permeated throughout by binary economics particularly as it has developed over the last four years.
Shakespeare is a frequent critic of Jews and Israel, claiming Israel seeks to take over the entire Middle East from "the Mediterranean to the Euphrates" as described in the notorious forgery The Protocols of Zion. He stated this on Press TV October 20, 2013 in an attack on journalist Lee Kaplan. [1]
Critics have described him as conspiracy theorist who does not produce any evidence to back his tall claims. Many critics have pointed out that many of his allegations of Isreal don't relate to reality; for instance, there is no evidence that Israel is looking to occupy the whole of Middle East ;neither does this relate to the practical reality whereby the Jewish state is surrounded by Muslims neighbours from all sides and is always worried about its survival amidst so many enemies.

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