Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Decentralize Everything..

Listen to this guy explain why we should decentralize the media, government, economy & energy

Some Clarifications:

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Ref below is made to a video which can be seen here.

- When I say 'decentralize everything', I am referring to the 4 elements mentioned at the end of the video: information, authority, wealth & energy.
- The decentralization of these industries is going to happen whether you like it or not... technology is liberating the individual, but will cause traditional establishments to do whatever they can to maintain centralised control.
- The decentralization of industries such as energy etc. is not an overnight thing - it is generational. We are going to see huge changes occur over the next 40 years, and we must do all we can to keep progressing forward if we have any hope of surviving as a human race by the end of the century.
- The emergence of technologies is going to completely transform how the world functions because 'jobs' will cease to exist like they do now. People currently try to work on projects they are passionate about (volunteering being a great example), but the moment people stop chasing these desires, is when they have to put their hand up and say "sorry, i've now got to pay the bills in whatever way possible." -
Consider what you need 'money' for in today's society? Now imagine a world where everyone is generating their own energy as explained in the video... Energy that could power 3D printers, transport, and other facilities in local and global communities via a grid system. Couldn't 'energy' become the new currency freeing humans to work on the projects in society they wish to do most?


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