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The Ecodesign of Energy Related Products Directive



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The Ecodesign of Energy Related Products Directive 2009/125/EC is a framework directive which primarily focuses on energy in use. It does this by setting minimum requirements for certain energy consuming products. To be considered for inclusion within the directive a product must:
  • have a volume of sales that exceeds 200,000 units per year throughout the internal European market - this is an accumulative total and not one calculated on an individual producer basis
  • have a significant environmental impact within the internal market
  • present significant potential for improvement in environmental impact without incurring excessive costs
Transport is excluded from the directive.
The objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other adverse environmental impacts throughout the life-cycle of a product with emphasis placed on the design and development stages of a product with a view to improving its energy efficiency.


The National Measurement and Regulation Office (NMRO) operates a mixed model enforcement service which combines market surveillance with product testing and business support in order to increase compliance.
It is policy that:
  • enforcement should be intelligence led and based on an assessment of risk
  • form filling and data requests will be kept to a minimum
  • information and data can be sent to us electronically or in whichever way is convenient to the supplier
  • enforcement actions will not be disproportionate
NMRO will assist industry to comply with the regulations by working with stakeholders and providing the best information and advice possible. In all cases of non-compliance the full suite of possible actions will be considered and the most appropriate selected in order to help those aiming to comply and pursue vigorously those that intend to flout compliance, including possible prosecution, details of which can be found in the prosecution policy.

Prosecution policy

A requirement of the regulations is to publish civil sanctions guidance, which can be downloaded below:

Civil sanctions guidance

The published guidance also contains an enforcement undertaking form.

Enforcement undertaking form

EC guidance

The Commission has produced guidance on the ecodesign directive and its implementing measures. This includes a frequently asked questions document, together with further guidlines.


The below document gives guidance on the appeals process associated with the enforcement of this legislation by the NMRO.

NMO appeals guidance



The Energy Related Products Directive is a CE Marking directive and is implemented via commission regulations. These are measures which lay down ecodesign requirements for defined products or functions. Information on CE Marking can be found here.


The energy related products directive is transposed into UK law under the Energy Related Products Regulations 2010 SI 2010 No. 2617 as amended by statutory instrument SI 2011 No. 2677. The regulations provide the NMRO with the power to impose civil sanctions and to recover testing costs where appropriate.
Those currently in force that implement the directive are summarised below:
productprimary legislationdateamendments and repealsguidance
ventilation units(EU) No 1253/20147 July 2014  
small, medium and large power transformers(EU) No 548/201421 May 2014  
domestic ovens, hobs and range hoodsEU No 66/201420 February 2014  
space heaters and combination heatersEU No 813/201326 September 2013repealed council directive 92/42/EEC 
water heaters and hot water storage tanksEU No 814/201320 September 2013  
vacuum cleanersEU No 666/20132 August 2013  
computers and computer serversEU No 617/201317 July 2013  
directional lamps, light emitting diode lamps and related equipment1194/2012/EU3 March 2013 January 2014 EC communication
household tumble driersEU No 932/20121 November 2012 December 2014 EC communication
water pumpsEU No 547/201216 July 2012  
air conditioners and comfort fansEU No 206/201230 March 2012  
fansEU No 327/201126 April 2011 consolidated text
washing machinesEU No 1015/20101 December 2010 November 2010 corrigenda December 2013 EC communication
dishwashersEU No 1016/20101 December 2010 June 2013 EC communication July 2013 EC corrigenda
household refrigerating appliancesEC No 643/200912 August 2009 January 2010 EC communication October 2010 corrigendum January 2014 EC communication
televisionsEC No 642/200912 August 2009EU No 801/2013 
electric motorsEC No 640/200912 August 2009EU 4/2014 
circulatorsEC No 641/200912 August 2009EC No 622/2012 
external power suppliesEC No 278/200927 April 2009EC No 617/2013May 2013 communication
domestic lightingEC No 244/200914 April 2009EC No 859/2009EC guidance
tertiary LightingEC No 245/20094 April 2009EC No 347/2010 
simple set top boxes regulationEC No 107/200925 January 2009  
standby and off modeEC No 1275/20087 January 2009EC No 642/2009 EU No 617/2013 EC No 801/2013 EC guidance
The NMRO has produced guidance relating to the use of circulators as replacement parts. This can be downloaded with the document link below.

Blue Guide

The EC has developed the Blue Guide which is intended to contribute to better understanding of directives based on union harmonisation legislation across different sectors and throughout the single market.

Blue Guide


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