Thursday, 19 September 2013

Economic Resilence...........................

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Exploring why some regions bounce back from economic shocks (ie. due in the main to climate change) and others do not.

Key Questions
  • How can regional economies become more resilient?
  • How do regions that face economic shocks recover?

Key Findings

  • Regions focused on manufacturing and with a poorly educated population are both more likely to suffer from and rebound quickly  from an economic downturn.
  • Regions that have many export industries are more resilient to employment downturns.
  • The greater the income gaps between rich and poor, the more likely the region is to lose jobs during economic shocks and the longer it will take to recover.  Yet, it is also more resilient to downturns in gross metropolitan product.
  • Responding with new policies after a regional downturn is less effective than insulating a region against downturns.

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