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This page is a list of all topics presented for discussion.

Action Items for this wiki

Call to Arms Discussion to refine the goals, and purposes for this wiki membership.


Home Mortgages
Banking and Lending
Interest Rates
Reserve Requirement Ratios
Supplemental banking system
Banking for a "New Deal"-Ellen Brown




The Heart of Economics
Model Economy-Working Draft
Mondragon Cooperatives
Mondragon Workshop Pictures

Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics

External Sources

This page contains links to other web sites that members recommend to other to read, and possibly bring into this wiki some of the material as it may suit our purposes.

International Banking

Basel's Bank of International Settlements: Gelles


Philosophical Experiments in Money Free Economies
Creating Money out of thin air
Natural Money
E Brown monetary proposal
Budgets and Spending
Monetary and Fiscal Reform
Ways to Increase the Money Supply
Fractional Reserve Debt Reduction

Other Schools of Economics


Political-economic ideologies

Digital Capital Welfare State

Political Events and Economics

Obama: Recovery and Reinvestment
Are we being lied to?
FED Comes To The Rescue


beyond greed and scarcity

Solutions for Immediate Action

Network for Economic Democracy. Please examine the Network for Economic Democracy. It covers some of the ground of Model Economy Wiki. It aims for political action in the here and now. Network for Economic Democracy

Categorization in Progress

I'm in the process of categorizing the ones below... some I'll have to read to find out where to put it...
Comment 3 (I hope the Authors will title it)
Bernard Lietaer Interview
Com'nt 2 BIG
Comments 3
credit card
Kuzminski proposal
Michigan tax credits
National Dividend
National Security
Real Wealth
Recovery 1st
The Economics of Frederick Soddy
Thinking Out Loud
Wartime Depression
Yes we can--Afford it
Yes, we can, If we have the Money
Some Ideas for the future: Brown:
Debt Free Money: External wiki: Raftshol

Monetary solutions

Citizens’ ES Plan: Stop Paying Credit Card Debt - Richard C. Cook
Richard C. Cook website
"Let's Cut Out the Banks and Finance American Innovation" -- Sander Hicks
100% Reserve Solution - AMI/Zarlenga
Gold Solution - Ed Griffin
Interview -- Bernard Lietaer
Sergio Lub - Mondragon Cooperatives
Tom Greco - New Money for Healthy Communities
Transfinancial Economics- Robert Searle
Michigan Tax Credits
Natural Money: The most efficient monetary system - Bart klein Ikink
People for Mathematically Perfect Economy - Mike Montagne
Private Enterprise Money - E.C. Riegel
The Community Exchange System
Paradox of thrift. Paradox of price.
The Federal Reserve Comes to the Rescue
The Ecology of Money, by Richard Douthwaite
Margrit Kennedy: Interest and Inflation Free Money
Banking and Lending by Martin Carbone

Political solutions

Populist Democracy - Kuzminski
Economic Action and Reinvestment: WW II style tools NOW
Organizing for America (the try to change)
Wartime Depression
National Security

Needed Material

Needed Essays


The Heart of Economics - Carl Herman
A Modest Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of a Paper Currency
Bills of Credit v Bills of Debt, Benjamin Franklin, colonial scrip


"The Money Masters"
"Money as Debt"
"Zeitgeist," "Zeitgeist Addendum"
"Fiat Empire"
Richard C. Cook videos YouTube Gracchus Jones series

Wiki Administration

Copy Board
Ellen's Next

Some Thoughts about the Future

The history, theory and reform of money systems already reachable from links on this and its sister wikispaces covers more than can be understood by a small team of researchers. And all of that material has been challenged by the global trade, money and banking crises currently threatening to dethrone the USA from its accustomed leadership roles.

I have the feeling that we are at a turning point in world history, and that the rescue of the American economy will be accomplished only by bringing revolutionary technology to the aid of law and economics as never before in history.

Perhaps the several economic research and reform efforts initiated by the Obama team this winter will do, with sufficient resources, what we intuit needs doing. If we few want to help, we will have to suggest in what ways and why.

Wikipedia has developed a very conservative and opaque approach to economic facts and current trends. Reading any of their entries and methods is enough to convince a stranger that the triumph of form over substance that has destroyed all empires in the past is prepared to take us on and do the same.
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