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Co-intelligence is a capacity that goes far beyond individual IQ-based intelligence.
Co-intelligence is intelligence that's grounded in wholeness, interconnectedness and co-creativity.
It is collective, collaborative, synergistic, wise, resonant, heartful, and connected to greater sources of intelligence.
We find co-intelligence -- and its opposite, co-stupidity -- in
    • individuals
    • groups
    • organizations
    • communities
    • societies
    • processes
    • systems and
    • institutions
Each of these can be co-intelligent whenever it calls forth collective wisdom in and around it -- usually by using diversity creatively.
Many people know ways to accomplish this, one way or another.
The Co-Intelligence Institute collects and weaves together the knowledge of diverse scholars and practitioners into a coherent field of theory and practice -- with lots of stories and examples.

For more information about co-intelligence, see the following articles:

Information about the Co-Intelligence Institute

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