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Click here to see two supporting members of GJM in an interview broadcast in New York.
Please join us on our exciting journey to help usher in what futurist Alvin Toffler referred to as the first truly humane civilization in world history.
The earth has the productive resources to eliminate poverty and injustice. Humanity is now in the process of developing the democratic and transparent communications infrastructure which can bring this about.
Our approach transcends left-wing/right-wing designations. We see both conventional capitalism and socialism as being two arms of a philosophy which concentrate power in an elite, to the detriment of society as a whole. Reforming the current money system, to empower each and every person, is a key part of the just, third way we are working on.
Our Principles
Global Justice For All
1. Much wealth creation is now made possible through the inventions and innovations of people who passed on long ago. Without taking anything from anyone, this cultural heritage makes it possible for each person to:
  • have warmth, clean air, clean water, food and housing, along with access to a quality health and educational system.
  • be respected, equal, free and able to choose their own destiny.
  • fulfill their full emotional, intellectual and spiritual potential.
Respect for the Earth
2. Every person must respect the rest of creation and take responsibility for preserving the environment including the fauna and flora, all of which are interdependent and share a divine origin with humanity.
Abundance and Freedom are Possible
3. The inalienable rights of the individual include the rights of life, liberty, access to productive property, truly free markets, and equal justice before the law. Whatever is physically possible is financially possible.
Creativity at Work
4. There is a hierarchy of human work: The highest form of work is improving the social order to elevate each person in his or her freely chosen relationship to others, and to a higher power if desired. The lowest but most urgent form of work is for sheer personal survival.
Economic Democracy
5. It is the duty of democratic government to secure the results the people want from the transparent management of their public affairs, as far as such results do not infringe on the rights of the individual.
The acronym for these principles is GRACE.
We also have an extensive collection of specific policies and detailed suggestions for change that have been worked on by people from all walks of life. Many of these areas of study, such as those in the field of binary economics and social credit, encapsulate literally decades of work on the part of change agents. An important part of this work has been brought together under the heading of The Just Third Way.
Even so, a realist will recognize that solutions to problems in a system as complex as the earth will tend to emerge from the creation of the proper conditions, as much as from any detailed action plans.
Look around, and if you like what you see, and are a person of action, come along for the adventure.
You can join us as an individual by clicking here. For organizations that would like to work together with the Global Justice Movement, please click here.
Contact info@globaljusticemovement.org for further information

The above is not the same as Global  Justice Movement. Net

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