Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Planetary emergency

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International climate



 We're facing a planetary emergency. As more and more scientific reports confirm, we could be looking at a temperature rise of 6 degrees celsius and catastrophic climate change by the end of the century.  


We're already seeing the impacts of climate change around the world.
From the carnage wrought by Hurricane Sandy to the devastating flooding in Nigeria, the impacts of climate change are now evident for all to see, and alarmingly more frequent
Sarah-Jayne Clifton, Friends of the Earth International climate justice coordinator
And yet world leaders continue to stick their heads in the sand:


The most recent UN climate talks in Doha, Qatar, ended with no meaningful climate action. Discussions were gridlocked as rich countries continued to:
  • Push carbon emissions cuts onto poor countries
  • Break promises made at previous climate talks
  • And fail to provide climate finance for poor countries to adapt to climate change and develop cleanly.
Rarely has so little been achieved by so many powerful people gathered together in one place - the failure to agree any meaningful international action to slash emissions leaves the world teetering on the edge of catastrophic climate change.
Andy Atkins, Executive Director Friends of the Earth England Wales and Northern Ireland

Looking ahead

Governments are not acting fast enough. It is vital that people unite nationally, regionally and globally to put pressure on governments to take meaningful climate action before it's too late.
Friends of the Earth will be working with others to help build a global climate campaign. And along with our international family, we will continue to push for:
The UK government must do its bit and show international leadership by setting science-based targets to decarbonise our own economy.

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