Thursday, 31 January 2013

Pop Up Economics/ Tim Harford

Tim Harford's new Radio 4 series Pop-Up Economics tells stories about fascinating people and ideas in Among the stories he tells are those of Al Roth, who created a clearing-house for kidneys, the cold war game theorist Thomas Schelling and Bill Phillips, who he argues was the 'Indiana Jones of economics'.
Phillips worked as a busker, a gold miner and a crocodile hunter before studying at the London School of Economics where he used a system of water pumps and valves to create the first working model of the British economy or indeed of any economy.
Pop-Up Economics is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesdays at 8.45pm from 16th Jan to 13th Feb. You can listen again online by downloading the podcast.

The following is some background info on Harford. He is essentially a populariser on "Economics," and ofcourse, does not offer anything really new, and important as far as economics per se goes. Wikipedia entry may be of interest all the same. RS

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Tim Harford
Alma materBrasenose College, Oxford[1]
AwardsRoyal Statistical Society Excellence in Journalism, Bastiat Prize
Tim Harford (born 1973) is a English economist and journalist, residing in London.[2] He is the author of four economics books and writes his long-running FT column, "The Undercover Economist", which is syndicated in Slate magazine, revealing the economic ideas behind everyday experiences. His new column, "Since You Asked," offers a sceptical look at the news of the week.
Harford studied at Aylesbury Grammar School and then at Brasenose College, Oxford, gaining a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics[1] and then an MPhil in Economics in 1998. He joined the Financial Times in 2003 on a fellowship in commemoration of the business columnist Peter Martin. He continued to write his column after joining the International Finance Corporation in 2004, and re-joined the Financial Times as economics leader writer in April 2006. He is also a member of the newspaper's editorial board.
In October 2007, Harford replaced Andrew Dilnot on the BBC Radio 4 series More or Less. He is a visiting fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford.



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