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Real-Time Economy Competence Center

Real-Time Economy Program and Competence Center
Real-Time Economy is an environment where all the transactions between business parties are in digital format, increasingly automatically generated, and completed in real-time both from business and IT-processing perspectives. For enterprises, public sector, and citizens this means, for example, that orders, order confirmations, invoices, and payments flow from system to system without delays. This makes it possible to move towards electronic archiving, electronic book-keeping, and automated accounting. The benefits for society at large are enormous - both in terms of productivity and environment. RTE program is a joint development project between Tieto, Aditro, and Aalto University School of Business.
Real-Time Economy Competence Center operates at Aalto University School of Business.

Structure of Real-Time Economy Competence Center:


Phases of Real-Time Economy Program:


Objectives of the Center are fourfold:

  • Research (articles, theses, reports, conference papers)
  • Teaching (courses at Aalto School of Business, namely 37E00100 Information Economy and 37E00300 ICT Enabled Business Process Development)
  • Public Influence (news articles, seminar presentations, participation in fairs)
  • Business Projects (case studies, site visits, surveys)

Research conducted at the Competence Center tackles different aspects of the transition towards a more real-time economy. The research initiatives of the programme are geared to:

  • understanding the stages and actors in the development towards real-time economy, for example, we have explored the factors that affect the rate of adoption of real-time technologies
  • developing business and partnership models to drive the development towards real-time economy, as an example, we have studied the value creation mechanisms of operators in the field of electronic invoicing
  • creating guidelines and policies to guide the digitalization of business processes in order to ensure the competitiveness of Finnish companies in global competition, for example, we have written reports on the current state of electronic invoicing, as well as a report on the use of electronic account references

Real-Time Economy Steering Group

Steering group of the program consists of influential decision makers and professionals in several Finnish organizations:
  • Esko Penttinen, Aalto University School of Economics
  • Bo Harald, Tieto
  • Risto Kallio, Asiakastieto
  • Ilpo Ihanamäki, Tekes
  • Marianne Palva, Bank of Finland
  • Harri Nummela, OP-Pohjola Group
  • Veijo Turunen, The Confedration of Finnish Industries  (EK)
  • Arto Mattila, Sampo Bank
  • Erkki Poutiainen, Nordea Bank
  • Mikael Ylijoki, Basware
  • Kirsti Timperi, Tieke Ry
  • Johnny Branders, Aditro
  • Hannu Savolainen, TeliaSonera
  • Merja Fischer
  • Kirsi Koivusaari, Hansel
  • Piia-Noora Kauppi, Federation of Finnish Financial Services (FK)
  • Pirjo Ilola, Federation of Finnish Financial Services (FK)
  • Saila Toikka (Secretary), Dimes ry

Funding: Tieto, Aditro, Asiakastieto, Aalto & Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes)

A Postscript.

The ideas of RTE are fine as far as they go for businesses themselves. But with Transfinancial Economic at its advanced stage we have a much more superior system.....................................

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