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Types of Economies and Governments

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Here is a list regarding some types of economies and governments theories for your consideration:
Open Source Governance: Theory about decision making and policies be available to all, by way of a wiki document.
Biophysical Economics: Theory that directly connects resources with the economy, using laws of thermodynamics in several cases to try to explain their action.
Technocracy: Possessing a theory where there is no currency, thus replaced by energy calculations, it works through a system of absolute evenness of resources among individuals, ensures that there is no inefficiency in the use of resources. Is not a democratic system, in this type of government the politicians and voting are excluded, scientists in turn make the executive decisions.
Localism: Political philosophy based on local self sufficiency. Often leads to arguments for environmental protection and defense of the local economy.
Pacifism: Politics and social actions made through non-violence.
Energy Currency: Economic theory of an energy based currency:
Transfinancial Economics: Economical model based on non re-payable money created electronically, in which the course is to avoid diversion of funds and excessive debt.
Jotism: Quite like localism, but more flexible:

Related Organizations

Peer to Peer Foundation (open source/crowdsourcing):
Earth Organization for Sustainability (resource based economy):
People 4 Social Sustainability (resource based economy/holistic):
Uniting Humans (resource based economy/activism):
The Resource Based Economy (resource based economy/ TZM and TVP collaboration):
Globernance (general government topics):
Bank of Ideas (open source/crowdsourcing):

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