Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Alberta Social Credit Party

Our Platform:






It’s about our money!
Social Credit is more than a political party.  It defines an economic system that enables a society to provide for the needs of its members. Enough money is provided to produce and consume the goods and services they need for a good standard of living. The Alberta Treasury Branch will be mandated to supply this money and will become the economic engine of Alberta.  Individuals, businesses and governments will keep the billions of dollars that are now being paid to banks and foreign shareholders as interest and dividends.

Help to elect Social Credit MLAs who will work to:
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  1. Make the Alberta Treasury Branch the economic engine of Alberta
  2. Stop the leakage of $36 trillion of our wealth to foreigners
  3. Help Albertans own their homes, farms and businesses
  4. Regain control of our resource wealth
  5. Give Albertans the health care they want and the education they need
  6. Regain control of our utilities, property and environment
If we Albertans take control of our credits such as the oil sands, the resulting wealth will provide for our social needs. That’s Social Credit!

PS. To what extent the above actually represents the Social Credit Movement as understood by Clifford Doughas is not clear.However, people can make up their own minds. RS


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