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The Problem With Money and Why It is Obsolete

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Money is designed to be distributed on a “value of output” basis. Somewhere along the way money lost value and meaning. Money is creating more problems than it solves. Rationalising exploitive windfall profiteering as being “The American Way”,  rewards the greedy more than the ambitious.  My ambition is to inspire others with new pragmatic ambitions to make contributions to a society and it’s needs. When we think of hero’s and inspiring leaders through the ages, we don’t usually think about the bank account balance as what defines them. Maybe Andrew Carnegie and a few others of the “Think and Grow Rich” mindset who epitomise(d),  “greed rationalised” = Capitalism and The American Way.

Are athletes worthy $5+mil/yr ? Is ANYONE worth $5+mil/yr??? How do you determine they are worth that money? Because they bring in even MORE money they rationalise that value.  Criminals can accumulate wealth and power because of MONEY. Why would you accumulate a lot of anything if you can’t get money for it or trade it for something you don’t have?

Money,  not ability, not intellect, not morality, not religion, not politics is the source of control and power over others who don’t have it. MONEY!!!! Are people such indoctrinated Capitalists that they can’t see that there is no place for opulent wealth or even accumulation of wealth. You don’t need CAPITAL to do a project. You don’t need money to find, extract, process and deliver all the resources on this planet. You need RESOURCES. People or equipment (automation) are resources. Money is as money does. Financial Forest Gump wisdom.  Money IS corruption prone as much as Heroin is addiction prone.  A WAR ON MONEY, would eliminate the need to have a war on drugs. You eliminate money and you eliminate the entire purpose of the drug chains and cartels. They aren’t concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others.

I plan to write more about how money will disappear in the very near future. Those who aren’t even willing to entertain the idea are those who are uninformed at the possibility and probability of such events occurring. How well do you understand economics and finance?

Scarcity can be financially controlled and manipulated and might have nothing to do with the actual presence and access to resources or raw materials. That’s nuts people. We have folks starving and the nuvo rich and uber rich don’t seem to feel a need to divest themselves of anything because capitalism and monetary controlled economics says it’s ok and it’s the American Way. It’s the American way if you want to admit to being unaware of why money is bad and how money can be eliminated.

Yes CAPITALISM given the existing and future conditions is an absurd system to maintain. Where do I begin? Maybe after reading this some of you can call me names and tell me why I’m utopian or insane and I’ll ask you to be specific as to what makes me insane and utopian and hopefully somewhere in there, we can clear some of your objections. And yes I will be the first to admit flaw or error when such are found and presented in a rational manner.

Right now there is NOTHING saner than Transfinancial Economics by Robert Searle for what can be done NOW until the moneyless society conditions come into being when technological displacement of employment and professions starts approaching 50% of the population. What then? Welfare state? Socialism? All those are based on monetary economics. Stop thinking  about how that would work with what exists today and your current circumstances.

TFE is NOW. RBE is tomorrow. If  you don’t know what these things are, you have no business criticising. Read it or keep it to yourself as I don’t’ appreciate those who bitch before they understand what they are bitching about. Read it and weep, life will never be the same. Get used to it. The sooner you do, the sooner you can enjoy the future.

Vic Jasin

Transfinancial Economics :

Resource Based Economics:

You should remove the politics and personalities when reviewing the items below. Understand that what they suggest their ideas will result in is “their” view, not the ONLY way or method. TZM, TVP and Jacque Fresco are taking a lot of heat and are the source of a lot of controversy. There is a lot of partisan agenda between the lines so put on your bullshit filter. I find a lot of good in MOST of their content minus the personalities and politics. YMMV.

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