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The Transition Plan


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COMMUNITY: Transition Plan
LANGUAGES: German, Greek

The aim of this project is to introduce and develop the plan for the transition from the Monetary System to the Resource Based Economy.
The idea is to evolve from the current system ( where 100% resources are acquired by using money ) to the new one ( where money is no longer in use ). This must occur as a transition because things will not just "change over night" but rather a more sane world should emerge from our present system. It will be completed by replacing the buying of the resources for producing them. The manufactured resources will be used to further development and will be managed globally.
This is just the general, preliminary plan and evolutionary step-by-step approach. It is just the general frame for


  • All resources that cannot be produced or obtained for free will be outsourced by using funds. The importance of money will be reduced in time, as the required resource will be produced by the network.
  • ...

The Plan

Establishing Self-sufficient Farms

The first step is to establish automated farms in a few locations, powered by clean, free energy ( solar, geothermal, wind, etc.). This will ensure the basic needs and provide the resources and funds for further development.
  • This first step requires significant investment; therefore it should be achieved by using available programs ( EU donations, University research programs, local government subsidies, Kyoto pollution credits trade system, existing foundations, etc. )
  • As there are many existing communities already, we shall approach them with our global vision and convince to join the network. Self-sufficient Communities
  • List of Farming techniques with the implementation plan

Providing Energy

The next (or simultaneous with the farms) step is acquisition or starting the clean energy producing company (solar plants manufacturer, wind turbines, geothermal plant etc.). It reduces the cost of starting new farms and provides margin free equipment and the energy for exchange for another resources.

Construction of the Automated Factory

With basic resources ( food, energy ) secured the next step will be to establish and operate automated factory, where all necessary machines can be designed and manufactured.

Waste Management

Effectively dealing with human waste and sewage is a primary concern.

Creating Transport

The automated and globally coordinated connections between these colonies will be established. It will reduce the need for outsourcing the shipping services and allow the direct resources exchange between the projects.

Secure Raw Materials

Next step is establishing / acquisition of facilities (recycling etc.) to ensure the necessary resources.

Solution Development Checklist

Solutions to aid the transition should take into account the following goals:
  • Save/harness renewable energy
  • Improve quality of life
  • Be Efficient
  • Be Durable
  • Ease of assembly
  • Reduction of maintenance
  • Simplicity
  • Prepared for ongoing changes
  • Standardised fundamental elements
  • Facilitate automated assembly
  • Allow easy duplication
  • Be customisable and allow for options
  • Be resistant to fire, weather and extreme conditions
  • Implement electronic feedback for monitoring
  • Be in tune with nature
  • Be independent of all parasitical systems such as money and religion

Further Development

With self-sufficient communities and transport we finally will be able to focus on a next fields like:
  • Education ( Universities )
  • Health Care ( Hospitals )
  • Space Program
  • Ocean Cities



What is stopping us at this point in time from transitioning quickly towards RBE?
TECHNICALAccess to raw materials and production resources (privatized common property)Voluntarism (and limited political action)
TECHNICALLack of information on technical possibilities (misinformation)Voluntarism (and limited political action)
TECHNICALLack of organizationVoluntarism
TECHNICALLack of organization toolsVoluntarism
TECHNICALLack of transition planVoluntarism
TECHNICALLack of security from abuseRules of engagement
PERSONALLack of education (introspection, maturity, moral, values)Education


What are the threats and dangers for the project?
  • Government Action - one or more government decide to nationalize the communities as dangerous / terrorists / sect / monopolistic ... the list of excuses is long.
    • Solution: become a government, use existing mechanisms. Starting with support from the community at the local level and elect our representatives, which will protect the community.
  • Military or police intervention - countries colonising the communities in transition
    • Solution: as above
    • Solution: ensure the international protection and status for the communities and its interests. Either under the law or being the development / humanitarian project
  • Taxation policies - passing laws that will tax the activities, resources or land where the project is taking place
    • Solution: as above
  • People or the individuals when becoming a part of governmental hierarchy gets bribed, threatened or stopped by other means from implementing transition plan.
    • Solution: spreading the word, education
  • Religious Fanatics start using violence against the Zeitgeist movement members, meetings etc.
    • Solution: spreading the word, education, creating teams that will use facts to inform on the difference between Organized religion and personal spirituality
  • Unintended consequences after implementation:
    • shortage of resources to proceed with involvement of the whole population of the world
    • even though there will be abundance, some humans will not stop fearing from scarcity. Solution: education and leading by example
  • Criminal action or violence against resource-based communities
    • Solution: private citizen security, automated security systems
  • Abuse of RBE in monetary economy during transition
    • Solution: establishment of rules and guidelines, preferably in the context of current law
  • Private corporations restricting or stopping access to the vital resources.
    • Solution: political action, direct democracy, voluntarism through education
  • Apathy, irresponsibility, loss of interest, inaction
    • Solution: spreading the word, education
  • 'Education (knowledge, skills and information) and spreading the word not solving the elitist thinking and consequently a desire to rule over other people
  • 'Education (knowledge, skills and information) and spreading the word not solving the desire to believe in irrationalities and therefore becoming fundamentalists


What opportunity we can use?
  • Using funds and subsidies (e.g., environmental funds) - nowadays it is relatively easy to get the support and resources to establish ecological farms and clean energy plants. It can come from government, international institutions, especially if such initiative is to be taken in developing countries (UN, EU). Even private enterprise sector could be interested due to PR purposes.
  • Develop ways of filtering through landfills - there's a lot of wasted reusable resources found in landfills that may be hard to separate but not hard to acquire, like car lots, tons of metal and tires for Earthship designs.
  • In general, all types of reuse and recycling of materials, tools, machines, gadgets.
  • Economic depression - leads to raising interest in alternative forms of society (this is our time!)
  • Unemployment - gives us a large opportunity to be appealing for voluntarism of unemployed people.
  • Free Libre Open Source software/hardware/licenses/literature/patents - use whatever is free(as in freedom), because that is already a form of RBE.
  • Non-profit organization - as a way of spreading the word, but also as a way of establishing the organizations and property within the current legal systems.
  • Poverty / wealth gap - in general the poorer people could be more interested in change.
  • Spiritual (non-religious) groups - could be interested in personal change and education.

Other Approaches

Starting with Clean Energy Source

At this stage, the first moves should be to center early investments around developing a Geothermal Generator. Then build the example city around this energy source. The idea is that we use money and the banking system to get clean power, more than our city could ever use. Then we will have leverage in an energy hungry world, but we won't accept money for our electricity. Now we can start to influence fundamental change.

Revolutionary Approach

In reality, such an approach is not pragmatic and non-reflective of the realisation that existence is an emergent reality. The ideas and scenarios for the sudden introduction for the RBE
  • Government Action - one or many governments are convinced to introduce the RBE in the short time.
  • Sudden Wake Up - I think it's going to be as simple as people waking up one morning, aware of what's going on, and just going about their daily business, but without the need for money.

Towards Transfinancial Economics, the Bridge to the Future?
There is a far more advanced, and more credible approach to achieve a gifted high-tech economy on a global scale. It can include an "elite", or not. It is called Transfinancial Economics...


The space for FAQ

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