Thursday, 29 November 2012

Together we're building a sustainable world

Concerned about the future of our Planet? Want to know what to do about it? Welcome to – the sustainable world website.
Many of us are concerned about the challenges we are seeing on our planet and want to do something about it. Our global population has trebled in the last 60 years to over 7 billion people and continues to rise at about 1 billion every 12 years. The impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent. Sustainable water, food and energy supplies are increasingly issues of concern, as are the challenges of our planets biodiversity, global health, education, poverty, global conflict and our financial systems. is based on the principles that by recognising and acknowledging the issues we are facing, developing a globally coordinated plan to tackling these issues, a Plan for the Planet, and all becoming involved in implementing it, we can achieve long term sustainability on Planet Earth. A direction we are not heading in at the moment.
Why? Because we have no other choice. Planet Earth is the only home we have.
How can you become involved? You can simply click to register or contact us at We’re delighted you’ve visited our website, and hope you can join us and become part of the global team building a sustainable world – the ultimate challenge for our generation.

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