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Paul Ormerod

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Paul Ormerod speaking at Warwick Economics Summit in February 2012
Paul Ormerod is a British economist who is currently researching complexity, complex systems, nonlinear feedback, the boom and bust cycle of business and economic competition. Ormerod uses a multidisciplinary approach, making use of biology, physics, mathematics, statistics and psychology as sources of results that can be applied to economics.



[edit] Biography

Ormerod completed his undergrad economic studies at Christ's College Cambridge and his postgrad studies at St Catherine's College Oxford, for which he was awarded a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in economics. Upon graduation he worked as a forecaster at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. Later he founded several companies, first Henley Centre which was sold to a FTSE100 company and later Volterra Partners, which he founded with Bridget Rosewell and till today remains a partner.[1][2]

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Paul Ormerod has written three books as well as many articles. His books are:
Paul contributes regularly to a blog which is found on his personal website, see below.

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